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The Monthly May issue 2021


Australia is experiencing a moment of reckoning around gender politics in public life. In response, Rachel Withers writes about the Coalition’s problem with women, Bri Lee explores the parlous state of education around consent in many secondary schools, Jess Hill explains new definitions of coercive control and recent changes to the Family Court, and acclaimed international writer and philosopher Kate Manne delves into why testimonials by victims of sexual assault are so frequently disbelieved or undermined.

Also in the May issue, we preview the Budget, look at the role of the new chief of the OECD Mathias Cormann, uncover the controversial history of famous Australian boot brand R.M. Williams, and tell two tall tales about native fish.

In Arts & Letters, we review new novels by Rachel Cusk and Patricia Lockwood, as well as the latest in film, art and music. Plus much more.