Ad Specifications


  Ad Size (Ad Dimensions) Bleed Size
Full page (Outside Back Cover*) 275mm (h) x 210mm (w) 285mm (h) x 220mm (w)
Full page 263mm (h) x 198mm (w) No bleed
Double-page spread 263mm (h) x 408mm (w) No bleed
Half-page vertical 244mm (h) x 89.5mm (w) No bleed
Half-page horizontal 123mm (h) x 185mm (w) No bleed
Quarter-page vertical 123mm (h) x 89.5mm (w) No bleed
Quarter-page horizontal 59mm (h) x 185mm (w) No bleed

Print Specifications

  • Supplied material must be Press Ready PDFs.
  • All PDFs must be CMYK with no bleed and no trim marks (unless otherwise specified above).
  • No alterations will be made to supplied PDFs and, if required, new creative material will need to be supplied.
  • *Outside Back Cover artwork to be provided with crop marks.
  • All fonts must be embedded into PDFs.
  • Zero transparency.

CMYK Setup

  • Resolution - 300 DPI
  • Maximum Ink Weight - 280%
  • Dot Gain - 30%

Additional Notes

  • Ads will be published with a 5mm white border (excluding the outside back cover).
  • All advertisers should apply The Monthly .icc profile to their artwork before uploading to Adsend or Adstream.

Download Adobe Colour Profile (.icc)


  • Print material must be submitted via Adsend or Adstream.
  • Booking ID must be referenced upon submission.
  • All digital material can be sent directly to Jack Harris, advertising coordinator, on [email protected] three days before the live date.

Adsend / Adstream Details

  • Publication: The Monthly
  • Booking Number: Provided by Schwartz Media
  • Website: /


Ad Unit Dimensions File Type Max File Size Lead Time
App 768px (w) x 1024px (h) gif, jpeg or png, html5 200kb 3 Days
Billboard 970px (w) x 250px (h) gif, jpeg, png, html5, or third party 100kb 3 Days
Half Page 300px (w) x 600px (h) gif, jpeg, png, html5, or third party 60kb 3 Days
Leaderboard 728px (w) x 90px (h) gif, jpeg, png, html5, or third party 40kb 3 Days
Mobile Banner 320px (w) x 50px (h) gif, jpeg, png, html5, or third party 15kb 3 Days
MREC 300px (w) x 250px (h) gif, jpeg, png, html5, or third party 40kb 3 Days

Premium Roadblocks (desktop/tablet) assets:
Billboard + Half Page + Leaderboard

Mobile Roadblocks assets:
Mobile banner + MREC

Standard display ad requirements:

  • We do not accept Adobe Flash creatives.
  • Please provide HTML5 code package instead of Adobe Flash creatives – full details can be referenced in the HTML5 guide below.
  • Creative material must not contain flashing / strobing effects and rapid image sequences.
  • Animated GIF ads can only loop twice.
  • Maximum animation time is 15 seconds. All animation, including loops must stop within 15 seconds.

Digital (EDM Sponsorship)

Ad Unit Dimensions File Type Max File Size Lead Time
MREC (x3) 300px (w) x 250px (h) gif, jpeg 40kb 3 Days
Sponsorship banner 728px (w) x 90px (h) jpeg 40kb 3 Days

Additional requirements:

  • Sponsorship banners are required to have a solid background colour
  • We encourage supplying three different MREC creatives


  • Each individual creative needs to be it's own zip file
  • All files need to be in the root folder, no sub-folder allowed
  • Must follow W3C standards
  • Declare the clickTag variable in your HTML file
  • Use the clickTag variable as your click through URL
  • No cross-domain scripting allowed
  • No local storage or session storage libraries allowed
  • Must be SSL compliant

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