Daniel James to host 7am for a week-long series explaining the Voice to Parliament

October 4, 2023

From Monday, October 9, 7am’s latest special series, “The fight for a Voice”, will provide an in-depth, trustworthy guide to understanding the referendum.

Hosted by award-winning Yorta Yorta writer and broadcaster Daniel James, the week-long narrative series will unpack key questions concerning the Voice.

Throughout the week, James will interview major players from both sides of the Voice debate, including Marcia Langton, Lidia Thorpe, Megan Davis, Thomas Mayo, Julian Leeser and others. The series will explain the history of the Voice proposal, the cases for and against, and the impact the referendum will have on the country.

“A moment as significant as this referendum requires us to serve our audience better than ever and to bring them quality independent journalism they can trust,” says editor of 7am Scott Mitchell. “This series will give our audience the context and history, and bring them the stories of the people who have spent their lives driving towards this vote – both those campaigning for it and against it.”

Schwartz Media’s editor-in-chief, Erik Jensen, says: “Daniel James’s work stands out for its empathy, its intelligence and its capacity to distill complex and sometimes competing views – all of which he brings to this 7am series.”

Prior to this series, 7am’s Voice coverage has included interviews with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Patrick Dodson, Rachel Perkins and many more. Catch up on 7am’s coverage before next week’s series on Apple, Spotify, LiSTNR and all other podcast apps.

About Daniel James
Daniel is a Yorta Yorta Melbourne-based writer and broadcaster. He is the winner of the 2018 Horne Prize for his essay “Ten More Days”. Daniel is a contributor to The Saturday Paper, IndigenousX, SBS, Crikey, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He writes weekly for The Monthly’s newsletter The Politics, and hosts The Mission on 3RRRFM.

Daniel’s work explores notions of empathy, intergenerational trauma, hidden history and the political landscape that continues to shape the lives of Aboriginal people across the country.

About 7am
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