Schwartz Media releases a new weekly podcast, Read This.

July 6, 2023

Every Thursday, you’ll hear the best writers from Australia and around the world talk about their lives and their work. The first episode, featuring celebrated Australian author Helen Garner, is out now.

Read This is a new podcast hosted by broadcaster, book tragic and editor of The Monthly magazine, Michael Williams. You can expect passionate conversations about what to read next with a cast of the smartest, funniest readers and writers. In the show’s first few weeks, Helen Garner, Anna Funder, Colson Whitehead, Tony Birch and others share what inspires them and what they’re working on right now.

The show sets out to challenge canons and ‘must-read’ lists, focusing instead on the uniting force that is how the books we love make us feel. After all, what ignites connection with a book varies from person to person: your beloved classic might be impenetrable to me, my obsessive page turner might be disposable garbage to you.

The first episode features a wide-ranging interview with celebrated author, Helen Garner. In an intimate conversation at the writer’s home, Garner shares what she has been writing about, what she learned about marriage from going through her old diaries, and why at 80 years old and at the top of her game, she still feels anxious about her work.

Schwartz Media’s editor-in-chief, Erik Jensen says: “Read This is smart and warm and expertly produced. It treats writing as an art form and takes readers into the private worlds of authors. It understands the intimacy at the heart of all writing – and reading, for that matter – and makes a virtue of teasing that out of every interview.”

Michael Williams, Read This host, says: “I have been so lucky, across several jobs now, to work in spaces where much of my work involves talking with writers. As a passionate reader, the delight in discovering first hand the stories beyond the books – and the brilliant minds and personalities behind them – has been a singular professional privilege. The sheer pleasure of good book chat with friends, colleagues (basically with anyone who’ll join in) is an unrivalled delight.”

Sarah McVeigh, head of audio, says: “I am so excited to expand Schwartz Media’s audio offering with the launch of Read This... We know readers of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper and listeners of 7am are hungry for smart conversations about literature. “Michael’s connection with Australia’s writing community makes him the perfect choice to lead these conversations... I have been struck by the depth of knowledge he brings to his interviews, which always reveal something new and insightful, whether he’s interviewing a first time novelist or a giant of Australia’s literary scene.”

Read This is hosted by Michael Williams. It is produced by Clara Ames and edited by Sarah McVeigh. Mixing and compositions are by Zoltan Fesco.

Read This is available on Apple, Spotify, LiSTNR and all other podcast apps.

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