Statement from Schwartz Media

October 13, 2021

Schwartz Media is a proudly independent company.

Recently, a book by John Lyons has been published claiming – in a broad critique of the Australian media – that Schwartz Media does not adequately report news about the Israel-Palestine conflict and that our coverage is directed by the views of our proprietor.

This is not true and nor is it borne out in our reporting. The recent conflict in Gaza was covered by 7am, Post and The Saturday Paper, and with greater nuance than across much of the Australian media. Our future coverage will be of the same quality.

All media companies will receive criticism for their reporting. This is part of a robust, critical press. But the assertion that Schwartz Media does not cover Palestine, or that there is an unwritten company policy on coverage, is false.

Schwartz Media stands by its record of quality, independent journalism.