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The Monthly February issue 2024


The February issue is kicking the year off in style – just as 2023 began with the federal treasurer setting the economic agenda, 2024 will open with an essay from the attorney-general, Mark Dreyfus, articulating a vision for restoring government integrity.

In a far-reaching and uncompromising piece of journalism, Nick Feik takes in widespread, generationally entrenched child abuse across government institutions in Tasmania. And Connor Tomas O’Brien, the winner of last year’s Nature Writing Prize, looks into camouflage, urban spaces and species disappearance.

Grace Tame reflects on what she thinks about when she’s long-distance-running, and Elmo Keep attends the U2 concert in Las Vegas’s astonishing new venue, Sphere.

And in 2024, The Monthly’s reputation for the best writing in Australia is going to extend to monthly new fiction: in February, we have a brand-new story from Tony Birch.

All this, plus The Nation Reviewed, our celebrated arts coverage, and Andy Griffiths offering his Clint-Eastwood-flavoured Life Sentence.