7am is a daily news podcast. It is the big story, the news that defines the moment. It's what you need to know: who's involved, what it means and why it matters. It's news with narrative, every weekday.

7am is questioning and idiosyncratic – memorable, likeable, fresh and trusted. It is an interview-based show, taking the story of the day and finding the voices that tell it best. It is fast paced and tightly edited, intimate and accessible.

The roots of 7am are there in other Schwartz Media titles, The Monthly and The Saturday Paper. It has a deep belief in the craft of journalism, in the polish and quality that make good storytelling essential.

7am is like listening to a short story. It takes you in and lets a scene unfold detail by detail. The principles are taken from documentary filmmaking more than from radio. The show is built around narrative, always asking a big question and using a story to answer it.

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7am is a daily news podcast from Schwartz Media and The Saturday Paper.

Its audience is intelligent, considered and hard to reach.